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“They did a very thorough job and were kind, compassionate, and very communicative!”

– Another Happy Customer

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VanDam & Krusinga
Building and Restoration

Serving West Michigan for 60 Years

2022 celebrates 60 years of VanDam & Krusinga serving our local communities as the area’s Building and Restoration Company! Through the years, relationships have been created and nurtured, with both commercial and residential customers on jobs of all sizes, as a reliable resource to address issues ranging from water loss, to loss from fire, mold remediation, vandalism, roofing and so much more.

Assisting customers at a time when they need us most, but don’t really want us to be there, VanDam & Krusinga has identified we are best able to service needs by consisting of three internal divisions within the company.

Emergency – Our Emergency Services / Cleaning division is first on scene when a water crisis occurs, when mold has been identified, when a fire happens and structural cleaning needs to take place prior to restoration, when customer contents need to be removed from the structure for restoration and/or cleaning, as well as for many other circumstances.

Structural – Our Structural division takes very seriously, the responsibility of reviving a structure that has experienced crisis. We handle projects from framework to finished touches, and everything in-between. Our knowledgeable carpenters take great care in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, while taking great pride in quality work provided. Many times, depending on the situation, the ES and Structural departments work hand in hand to provide ultimate customer service.

Roofing – While we have always provided roofing services, it was decided in 2020, to identify Roofing as a separate division. This has allowed us to add to the team and to provide the most efficient roofing services to our customers.

Over the last 60 years, we have had the privilege of partnering with many local fire departments during emergency services, renovating and preserving churches, servicing various concerns in commercial buildings and supporting homeowners in securing, protecting and restoring their homes.

In 1962, when VanDam & Krusinga was established as a company, little did we know the impact we would have on local communities, or the impact local communities would have on us! We are celebrating 60 years of thankfulness!

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