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Professional Restoration Services in Grand Rapids and the Greater Southwest Michigan Area

VanDam & Krusinga Building and Restoration brings over 50 years of professional experience to the table. We address serious damage to residential homes, large apartment buildings, and commercial buildings with the same level of attention and expediency. We are set up to handle virtually all types of damage so that our customers need only make one call when disaster strikes.

Water and Mold Restoration

Burst pipelines and flooding can create unlivable conditions in residential homes and even leave larger buildings structurally compromised. Our experts can pinpoint where the worst damage is and begin restoration quickly after they are contacted. Mold is known to form if water damage is allowed to sit. We utilize moisture detectors on the job to locate areas of the building, which might harbor mold after water damage.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

We approach each job with compassion. This is especially important to us when dealing with the devastation of fire damage. Our certified experts handle fire and smoke restoration with respect to the recent loss of potentially priceless property. Our team knows that smoke damage can affect areas that appear untouched by the fire. We handle the complex details so our customers don’t need to worry during trying times.

Storm and Wind Restoration

Michigan residents know how quickly wind, rain, and hail can devastate a community. Our team is committed to complete restoration of the interior and exterior damage caused by severe storm weather. We are prepared to fix roof shingles, broken windows, damaged or missing siding, structural damages such as holes, and mold damage to drywall and HVAC systems. Storm damage can create situations that need immediate attention. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

Remodeling Service

Sometimes the problem isn’t damage but dullness. Along with our restoration experience, we are also licensed contractors. We can turn our customers’ ideas into a reality. We are ready to remodel any room from bathrooms, kitchens, to commercial office spaces.

Why VanDam & Krusinga

Our clients speak highly of our years of service, so we proudly post their testimonials on our website. We are a trusted group of certified professionals who follow through with our projects to the end in a timely manner. Our vast pool of knowledge on restoration and construction allows us to address a large scope of damage and remodeling needs, making us the easiest business to contact after a disaster.

Fire damaged home- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & KrusingaRestored home- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & Krusinga