The Most Common Places for Mold Growth

Mold grows where there is excessive humidity in your home. It thrives best in a dark, damp environment, but the spores can proliferate with indirect light. This organism can cause health problems including rashes, sneezing, and coughing.

Professional mold removal or remediation is necessary when this potentially destructive pathogen grows in various parts of your home and causes health problems.


Moldy ceiling- VanDam & KrusingaMold grows abundantly in damp basements. It takes only 24 to 48 hours for mold spores to multiply and spread that irritating musty smell. A leaking water pipe or ground moisture under the house will encourage growth. The condensation pan in the air conditioning system can foster mold growth. This mold can easily expand to walls and floors.

Professional mold removal is usually necessary if mold has spread to the floors and walls in a basement. Drywall may have to be removed and replaced. The area between the outside wall and the interior wall must be checked for mold. A moisture meter is used to check the basement floor that must be completely dry before carpeting or laminate is replaced.

Kitchen, Laundry Room and Bathroom

The kitchen, laundry room and bathroom are breeding grounds for mold. A leak in a dishwasher, water heater or washing machine or a dripping pipe under a sink can lead to mold growth on the nearest damp surface. Mold can also creep up to higher walls and ceilings in bathrooms.

You may need a professional mold remediation service to check for mold when your plumbing or appliance is repaired. This is necessary if the leakage has caused water damage to floors and walls.

Living areas and bedrooms

Always check closets and corners in bedrooms and living areas for mold. A black or gray water spot on the ceiling of a room or closet indicates a roof or attic leak that could support mold growth. This can ruin a ceiling and cause a lot of damage.

Mold will grow in damp closets, especially utility storage areas, and spread to other walls, the ceiling and floor. This is another area where the pathogen must be immediately eradicated once it is discovered.


Contact VanDam & Krusinga for home mold removal in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and South Haven, Michigan, areas if you have water damage. We will check your home from the basement up to assess the areas with mold growth and use the safest technology to remove it.