Professional Smoke Damage Restoration Services

firefighter in smoke damaged kitchen

Whether a fire is localized or causes widespread damage, smoke and soot are dangerous by-products that often cause more destruction than the fire itself. Immediate treatment of smoke damage is critical to prevent permanent property damage and protect against health problems. The IICRC-certified fire restoration professionals at VanDam & Krusinga repair what the flames destroyed and perform expert smoke damage restoration in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, South Haven and the Western Michigan area. We have over 50 years of experience in the restoration industry and provide prompt, professional responses to every smoke damage emergency.

Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Smoke is highly corrosive and soot is acidic, so if not addressed immediately, both can have disastrous effects on walls, floors, ceilings and even other areas left undamaged by the fire. Minimize the destruction with smoke damage restoration services from our restoration specialists.

We remove soot-covered debris to prevent further damage and help mitigate unpleasant smoke odors. We use specialized products, equipment and deep-cleaning techniques to remove soot from all surfaces and restore or replace smoke-damaged building materials. The size of the fire-damaged area, the time delay involved with getting to the scene, the type of building and materials burned and the property’s ventilation can all dictate what measures will be required for cleanup and restoration.

Importance Of Smoke Damage Restoration

As smoke and soot permeate and settle upon surfaces, porous materials may become discolored, but permanent staining may be prevented with prompt cleaning. Painted surfaces also become discolored, and coatings eventually soften and fail, causing damage below the surface. Smoke damage also causes metals to rust, pit or corrode, requiring refinishing or replacement.

Smoke seeps into fabrics and furnishings and creates unpleasant, lingering odors, and depending on what burned, you may be breathing in toxic particles. Prolonged smoke odor exposure can cause respiratory ailments and other health problems. Quick action by our smoke restoration team lessens the amount of permanent damage to your home or business and reduces your health risks.

Call The Smoke Damage Restoration Pros

VanDam & Krusinga provide 24/7 emergency service, so we can quickly mitigate smoke and soot damage and restore your property to its pre-fire condition. We have the knowledge and skills to assess your smoke damage, provide an accurate estimate and quickly perform vital cleanup and restoration. Contact us at 1-800-493-8673 for fast, reliable smoke damage restoration today.