How Water Damage Effects Your Health and Structures.

Water damage can have a devastating effect on your home, property and health. Prompt water restoration services are therefore pivotal after flash flooding, plumbing blunders, melting snow and leaks caused by faulty roofing and burst pipes. Here are some of its consequences.

Health Repercussions

Home protected from water

Any moisture excess in your home may promote the growth of mold, which could wreak havoc with your health. The effects could worsen if your immune system has been compromised due to illness, age or pregnancy.

You could develop allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems when exposed to indoor mold. Excessive moisture can be caused by leaks, or high humidity levels that condense moisture on your services. Guard your health with a dehumidifier.

Bathroom Consequences

This can occur as a result of your toilet overflowing, or sump pump failure. This could result in your entire bathroom and surrounding areas being flooded with filthy. foul-smelling water. The water here could contain viruses, bacteria or fungi, which can cause illnesses. Disinfecting the area is imperative.

Flash Flooding Results

This here could result in highly toxic black water. This water could flood your home and property with infections microbes and chemical waste, and may comprise sewage.

Flash flooding may also cause mold growth, as you may not be able to remove the water fast enough. Always consult the services of a professional water damage restoration company, for more rapid cleaning.

Mold forming here could also result in fungal infections that may grow within your body. Other mold types resulting from flash flooding have also produced toxins such as mycotoxins, which may even result in death.

Structural Damage

Water damage may cause wall cracks and the formation of clay silt on your wall corners and floor boards. You may also find rust on your surfaces, or it may rot with time.

Flooding also might damage your foundation, due to the impact of water gushing towards your home. You’ll know if your foundation has been damaged if your crown molding has cracks, your floors are uneven, and if your outdoor foundation has moved.

You may not be able to close your windows or doors, and the frames may be split. Your walls also might crack if your foundation is damaged. Look out for cracks in wall panels, and gaps between your floors, and ceiling.

A rapid response is key when dealing with water ruin. Call us for assistance with water extraction, structural drying, sanitizing, or mold remediation.