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Professional Storm Damage Restoration

house damaged by tornado

Michigan residents know how quickly severe storms with damaging wind, hail, rain and flooding can devastate homes and businesses. Our storm damage restoration specialists at VanDam & Krusinga are dedicated to supplying complete restoration of interior and exterior damage caused by stormy weather. We provide immediate responses from our Kalamazoo, South Haven and Grand Rapids locations, with 24-hour emergency services available seven days a week. We’re a full-service restoration company with the knowledge, experience and skills to handle any natural disaster your home or business may experience.

Wind, Hail And Flood Damage

Heavy winds and hail brought on by severe thunderstorms pound your home and property and cause many potential hazards. Heavy winds damage shingles, siding, windows and other exterior components. Large hailstones and wind-torn branches can punch holes in your roof or shatter windows and allow rain to seep inside.

Rainwater ruins the interior of your home, including carpets and flooring, ceilings, drywall, wood paneling, furniture and personal property. Heavy rain may also lead to flooding, which could lead to more severe water damage inside your home. When leaks aren’t addressed promptly, mold begins growing, which becomes a serious health risk.

Related Property Damage Restoration Services

Severe storms, hail and damaging winds are inevitable in West Michigan, but you can fight back against inclement weather. Our property restoration services cover a gamut of storm damage scenarios.

Our professional storm damage restoration crew quickly boards up missing or broken windows and doors and puts tarps on your roof to minimize further damage. We secure your property to protect it from animals, illegal entry and future weather events. We’re fully prepared to repair roof shingles or tiles, broken windows, damaged or missing siding and other structural damage.

Our IICRC-certified drying specialists quickly address flooding and water leaks caused by hail or falling debris with superior water damage restoration. If water intrusion has already caused mold to take hold in your home, our RIA Certified Mold technicians perform mold remediation to effectively rid your home of all types of dangerous spores. We’re a full-service storm damage restoration company, so whatever Mother Nature throws at you, we can handle it.

Storm Damage Specialists In Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids And South Haven

For comprehensive storm damage restoration and repair, trust VanDam & Krusinga to deliver quality services with fantastic results, any time, day or night. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to tackle any type of storm and any size disaster. Contact us today at 1-800-493-8673 for immediate response and fast, reliable storm damage restoration services.