Winter storm damagae- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & Krusinga

Storm Damage in West Michigan

Storm, hail, and wind damage can occur at any time, day or night. For thorough storm damage repair, residents of West Michigan can trust us to deliver quality services and great results. We are a full-service restoration company with the experience and knowledge to handle any disaster your home may experience.

Hail storm damage- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & Krusinga

Prompt, Professional Response

VanDam & Krusinga will respond to your disaster immediately and professionally. No project is too large or too small, and we are committed to achieving complete, lasting restoration. We have the compassion that you deserve because our mission is to help the people of our community rebuild their homes and lives. It is important for every home and business owner to rebuild after a major storm, and we are proud to be part of that process.

Thunderstorms and Hail Damage

Thunderstorms bring many potential hazards to your home and property. Heavy winds can damage your roofing tiles or shingles, siding, windows, or garage. The wind can cause branches to fall on your home or cause patio furniture to damage the side of your house. Any damage caused by the wind could be a place for the rain to enter. When leaks are unaddressed, mold damage can become a serious health risk. Rainwater can seep into your home and ruin your ceilings, drywall, wood floors, carpets, or furniture. Hail can also cause extensive damage to your roof, windows, or patio that might call for intensive storm damage repair.

Related Services

When damage needs to be repaired as quickly as possible, we offer emergency restoration service around the clock. VanDam & Krusinga Building and Restoration provides all kinds of property damage restoration including service for fire and smoke damage. To learn more, contact us today.