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Mold is a naturally occurring organism and can be found everywhere in our environment. However, mold can become a problem in your home or business when there’s excessive humidity or moisture over a long period of time. With inhalation and long-term exposure, people have the potential to develop health issues as a result. Regardless of its health effects, no one wants this problem in their home. If you suspect mold has taken root in your home or commercial property, you should hire a professional to take care of the mold removal. Grand Rapids, MI, and Kalamazoo, MI residents have come to trust Van Dam & Krusinga of Grand Rapids for our efficient mold remediation services.

Mold free space- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & Krusinga

VanDam & Krusinga has certified professionals who are equipped with the latest technology to safely clean and control mold problems of any size. We will investigate to help you determine the cause of the contamination and will provide a written remediation estimate. We can detect and get rid of mold in a large commercial building just as efficiently as if we were servicing a small house.

Moldy living space- Kalamazoo, MI- VanDam & Krusinga

Our moisture meters can determine whether a particular area in your home or office has the right conditions for mold accumulation. All of our work must pass our quality control criteria before we consider the job done. We will not leave the site until it is confirmed that we have achieved complete mold removal. Grand Rapids, MI and South Haven, MI home and business owners can rely on us to get our hands dirty and solve the problem quickly.