Why You Need To Address Smoke Damage Immediately

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Even after the flames have been extinguished, a fire can still cause serious damage to your home or business. Smoke and soot are dangerous byproducts of fire and are just as harmful as the fire itself, especially if you don’t take immediate steps. VanDam & Krusinga Building and Restoration offers fire and smoke restoration services in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, South Haven and the West Michigan area.

Chemical Reactions

Smoke is a mixture of gases and fine particles, including soot. Smoke is highly corrosive and soot is acidic, which can have disastrous effects if left alone. Smoke damage can affect ceilings, walls, floors and personal belongings throughout your home or business. Minimize the destruction with immediate smoke damage restoration services from our residential and commercial restoration specialists.

Discoloration & Deterioration

Immediately after a fire is extinguished, soot residue carried throughout a business or residence by smoke begins to settle on everything. Porous materials become permanently discolored immediately, but you can prevent staining on other surfaces if they’re cleaned quickly.

Soot left on painted surfaces not only causes discoloration, it eventually will cause the coating to soften and fall, damaging the surface below. Smoke seeps into furnishings and fabrics, creating lingering odors. Smoke damage also can cause metal to rust, pit or corrode and require refinishing or replacement of furniture and flooring.

The sooner we can begin smoke damage restoration, the more of your belongings we can potentially save. Quick action also can lessen the amount of permanent damage to your home or business.

Health Effects

When you smell smoke, it’s not just an unpleasant odor, you’re also potentially breathing in toxic particles. Besides producing soot, smoke also can contain heavy metals and harmful pollutants from the plastics, leathers and other materials burned in the fire. Pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methane and benzene form toxic particles. These are the biggest hidden dangers of smoke, because prolonged exposure can cause respiratory ailments and other health problems.

Smoke Damage Restoration Specialists

We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can address your smoke damage as quickly as possible. With 50 years of professional experience in the restoration industry, we have the knowledge and skill to assess your damage, provide an accurate estimate on costs and get vital cleanup done. Contact us at 1-800-493-8673 for fast, reliable service today!