Emergency Restoration Services

emergency restoration servicesWhen your home or commercial building is damaged by water, mold, fire, smoke or wind, the destruction and loss can be devastating. Our experienced restoration experts can handle all the reconstruction and repairs needed, finishing your projects in a timely manner and taking all the details off your hands.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation

Water damage can come from wind-driven rain leaking through your roof or from burst pipes inside or under your home. Either way, it can be devastating to your home or building’s structure, while also ruining the furniture, carpets and other belongings inside the building.

After water damage, you can experience mold buildup. Mold is an organism that grows where there’s moisture, and it can have serious health effects. Mold remediation should only be done by a licensed professional to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

The Right Team for Restoration and Remodeling

When a natural disaster — flood, fire, tornado or windstorm — wreaks havoc on your home, apartment building, or commercial building, you want a team that can walk you through the recovery and rebuilding process as smoothly as possible. We work with insurance companies at every step of the process, from the first moments of cleanup through the final details of the restoration.

We also handle all your residential and commercial remodeling needs, whether you’re expanding commercial space, redoing your kitchen, or adding a second floor. Let our trained construction craftsmen bring your dreams to life.

Contact Us When Disaster Strikes — Or Any Time

Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a devastating fire, trying to keep your family safe from mold, or just ready to add a new room to your home, we are here for you. At VanDam & Krusinga, we offer emergency services 24/7, responding to every crisis. In Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, South Haven and throughout West Michigan, our restoration and remodeling services help residential and business customers get off to a new start. To discuss how we can help, call us in Grand Rapids at 616-217-2517, in Kalamazoo at 269-276-9922, or in South Haven at 269-637-0919, or contact us today via our website.